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In addition to partnering with attorneys as part of the M&A process, we work with attorneys to provide expert witness services to support disputes and litigation by helping them gather and present the data they need to support their clients. We help attorneys quantify economic and commercial damages for their clients. We combine our internal industry expertise, our wide network of subject matter experts, and our ability to access, analyze, and visualize data to provide a holistic offering, well beyond what any individual expert could provide.

Litigation Attorneys

Our technical, commercial, and financial experts are frequently called upon to provide expert witness services for complex commercial disputes. We provide both in house experts and experts sourced from our pool of executive advisors. Our access to industry data coupled with our analysis skills allows us to provide expert witness services backed not just by technical, commercial, and financial expertise, but also by impactful data driven analysis. We can investigative the true commercial facts related to your dispute or litigation, acquire and analyze the relevant data, and provide impactful exhibits and expert witness testimony.

Economic Impacts

We also work with law firms to provide independent assessments of the economic impacts of incidents and commercial disputes. These studies are powerful communication tools to help attorneys clearly and concisely understand and communicate quantitative impacts. Our industry experience provides us with a deep understanding of supply chains, allowing us to provide credible and accurate assessments of economic impacts. We can analyze complex technical regulations well beyond the scope of most economic consulting firms.

M&A Attorneys

We work alongside M&A attorneys during transactions. This ranges from buy-outs, early stage investments and distressed or restructuring events. Our investment banking and due diligence efforts are often complementary to attorneys' transactional work. In addition to our investment banking services, our diligence services can help attorney's understand potential liabilities across areas such as commercial contracts, vendor liabilities, and environmental liabilities.

We work with Attorneys to

  • Provide expert witness services
  • Support M&A Processes
  • Support Litigation
  • Quantify economic impacts

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