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We conduct detailed customer interviews using our proprietary Voice of the Customer (VOC) methodology to help our customers close deals with confidence, redefine their business strategies, and successfully grow and exit their businesses. As industry experts, we know the questions to ask and have the connections to enable us to identify at-risk customers, identify growth opportunities, and deliver value to our customers. Our VOC exercises enable companies making strategic decisions and buyers to gain deeper insights into customers to define and execute company strategies and transactions with confidence.


Our VOC methodology helps you gain insights into customer concentration risk, identify and retain at risk customers, and understand customer buying drivers. VOC exercises can also help you understand how customers will perceive a transaction and create post-deal value. Customer risk is one of the largest variables in an M&A transaction and completing an acquisition without a deep understanding of a targets’ customers is a risk you should never take.

We use net promoter scores (NPS) and value assessments to understand which of your customers are loyal and why, and measure your company's performance against its competitors.


How does your company or acquisition target compare to competitors? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Why do customers choose to do business with you or your competitors? How does your customer service and sales organizations compare to competitors? How does your company’s value proposition differ from your competitors?

Through our VOC methodology you will gain a deep understanding of the key factors that impact your customers' buying decisions.  Then, we'll show you how you compare against your competition in these factors to benchmark your performance.

Talent & New Business

Management teams, sales people, and other customer facing personnel are directly related to customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The better your team in the C-Suite and the field is, the better your customer relationships will be.  Through our VOC methodology we provide a clear view of how talent through your organization is perceived by your customers.

Winning new business is key for your growth strategy.  Without understanding why you win some new opportunities and lose others, you're unlikely to improve your sales execution. Performing a win / loss analysis allows you to improve your win rate and increase market share.

Products and Services

Do you new products and services meet customer’s needs? Do customers understand their value proposition? We interview current and prospective customers to understand how your company’s value proposition meets your customers needs and how it can be improved.  This allows you to confirm the market's interest, estimate potential market size, adapt your products or services and how you market them to meet your customer’s needs, and understand your customers’ willingness to pay.


How well known and valuable is your brand? How do customers perceive you brand? How would your company’s or target’s value be impacted by re-branding or being acquired by a larger company? We help you understand the value of your brand and what areas need attention to strengthen the market’s perception of your brand and company.

We work with energy & industrial companies, their owners and investors to help:

  • Buy and sell companies and raise capital
  • Perform due diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Prepare owners and management teams for a sale process
  • Better understand their customer bases and competitors

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