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In the energy and industrial space many companies are faced with the potential need for restructuring due to market conditions, excessive debt loads, and the need to make drastic changes in organizational structures or business models to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. As an owner of, investor in, or debt holder of a company facing restructuring we can assist you before, during, and after the restructuring process to maximize recovery, minimize disruptions, and provide you with a road map towards a stable and profitable future.

Our Process

We help investors gain a deep understanding of the products and services provided by companies, the markets they operate in, and their customers. We provide companies and investors with independent assessments of company forecasts based on market data, industry experts and our deep understanding of the energy and industrial sectors. We help our customers understand the likelihood and potential time frames of a restructuring events. We also work with investors to understand their potential recovery in the event of a restructuring event.

Company Forecasts Assessments

We assess company forecasts and market conditions to provide an independent perspective on their achievability. We examine the likelihood key customers and contracts can be retained, and help our customers understand negative business impacts which might arise. Our analysis is granular, assessing individual product and service lines, regions, and customers. We assess and recommend cost cutting measures. We help business owners and creditors understand potential timelines for restructuring events. We also assess potential CAPEX and R&D underinvestment to understand a business’s need for capital post restructuring.

Recovery Assessments

We can help investors understand their potential recovery in the event of a restructuring event. We provide credible, data-based assessments of the potential values of companies, divisions, and assets. We provide a sum of the parts assessments helping investors understand options to maximize recovery. We then assess the market’s potential appetite for a business and help investors understand potential recovery values through a number of methodologies taking into account potential profitability, assets, and risks. We can also provide assessments of the liquidation value of assets and IP to help investors understand a worst-case scenario.

Turnarounds and Business Transformations

We assist management teams business plan development to position companies for stable post-restructuring growth and profitability. Our focus is on helping you minimize disruptions and providing a road map towards a stable and profitable future. We help companies identify which products and services and geographies they should focus on. We can identify cost reduction opportunities such as reductions in locations, service offerings, and employment levels. We can help you understand how negative market sentiments have impacted the business, and how you can communicate your company’s strengths during and after the restructuring process.

We work with companies and investors across the energy and industrial sectors to help them

  • Improve and execute strategy
  • Perform diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Prepare businesses for a sale process
  • Better understand their customer bases

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