Finance in the Hydrogen Sector – EIAP panelist at The Hydrogen Technology Expo.

Managing Partner Sean Shafer participated in the “Finance in the Hydrogen Sector” panel on Wednesday at the Hydrogen Technology Expo. Sean and his fellow panelists Brett Perlman, CEO, Center for Houston’s Future, Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder and Executive Director, US Hydrogen Alliance, Tanya Peacock, Managing Director, EcoEngineers, Brian Hodges, Partner, Aurum Capital Connect discussed existing and emerging policies’ impact on fundraising, as well as the challenges Hydrogen project developers and technology companies face raising funding. The panel explored why the amount of actual investment in the sector remains relatively small, raising questions about when construction on hydrogen facilities will actually begin.


The panel also discussed what the key barriers are to making this sector investable, the relative lack of investment from institutional investors compared to strategics, the impact of the IRA and BIL, and which parts of the clean hydrogen ecosystem are currently investable. The impact of the lack of investment on hydrogen’s growth and GHG emission targets were also covered as well as what company’s seeking investment and investors can do to bridge the current gaps.