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We work with industry associations to help quantify the economic impacts of their industry and understand how changes in the regulatory environment impact their industry and the local, regional, and national economy. We perform economic impact studies to help you communicate the levels of employment and economic activity your industry supports, as well as to understand how changes to laws and regulations and opening new areas to industry activity impacts the economy. We have the expertise to help you communicate to stakeholders the impact of industries and regulatory changes on local, state, and national economies.

Economic Impacts

We develop robust defensible models to clearly and concisely calculate the quantitative impacts of industry spending and public policy in accessible metrics like employment, gross domestic product and government revenues. Our economic impact reports quantitatively demonstrate the economic impacts an industry, a change in regulations, or a particular project causes to a country, region, or local area. These impacts are communicated in clear concise reports which enable communication with stakeholders to provide a clear assessment of the potential economic impacts of policy and investment decisions.

We work with industry associations to

  • Quantify the economic impacts of industries
  • Communicate to stakeholders
  • Quantify the economic impacts of regulation and policy changes
  • Understand industry supply chains

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