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We work with a wide variety of institutional investors including private equity, credit funds, activist investors, hedge funds, family offices, lenders and venture capital to help them execute M&A transactions, raise funds for portfolio companies, identify acquisition targets, conduct diligence, develop portfolio company strategies, prepare for exits, and support restructurings. We are M&A experts with a deep understanding of the energy and industrial sectors who can help you make the right investment by gaining a better understanding of the companies you invest in, and the sectors they operate in.

Private Equity

We work with private equity firms, infrastructure funds, and family offices to help them execute transactions, perform due diligence on potential acquisitions, perform strategic consulting, and sell side diligence for their portfolio companies. We are experts in the energy and industrial space and have worked on hundreds of M&A processes to help private equity sponsors make successful acquisitions and communicate their investment theses to their investment committees, limited partners and lenders. We also undertake acquisition target identification to help private equity sponsors develop proprietary deal flow.

VC Funds and Early Stage Investors

We work with early stage investors and their portfolio companies to raise debt and equity capital to execute on their growth plans and business strategies. Our deep connections to industry and the investment community allow us to identify both strategic and financial investors who align with their goals.

We execute robust, competitive fundraising processes to ensure founders, owners, and investors receive competitive valuations and identify the right partner to meet your business’ strategy. Our extensive M&A experience allows us to manage fundraising processes to minimize disruptions to your business.

Activist Investors

We work with activist investors to help them gain deeper insights into the companies they invest in. Using our industry expertise, network of subject matter experts and deep industry connections we can help you conduct proprietary research, benchmark a company’s performance against its peer group, and gain a better understanding of its underlying value. We conduct market studies to assist activist investor in gaining a better understanding of current and future market trends, demand levels and competitive dynamics. We also work with activist investors to assess published company forecasts and help you understand how likely they are to be achieved.

Other Institutional Investors

We also work with a wide variety of other institutional investors, including family offices, sovereign wealth funds, lenders, pensions funds, hedge funds, venture capital, and sell side researchers.

We work with institutional investors to help them

  • Help portfolio companies raise additional capital
  • Identify and execute bolt-on acquisitions
  • Buy and sell companies
  • Perform due diligence on potential acquisitions

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