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When bringing a business to market it is essential to be well prepared. We help you anticipate and react to buyer objections, prepare documentation, and allow you to uncover and fix valuation-reducing problems. Business owners who have not been through the M&A process may not have experienced the strain it puts on management who have to continue to focus on day to day operations. Owners may not be prepared for a lengthy process and the subsequent deal fatigue. Overly optimistic projections may drive these issues if a business underperforms during a sales process. Preparing for a liquidity event in advance is key to a successful sales process.


Approximately 18-24 months ahead of a transaction the EIAP team will spend time with management and owners to develop a bespoke Exit Preparation Plan. The primary purpose of this exercise is to support management and shareholders, maximize sale value, and to ensure deal certainty. Relying on our extensive due diligence experience, EIAP assists business owners in identifying issues that will likely be scrutinized during the due diligence process, potentially enabling buyers to chip away at purchase prices. We work with you to implement and manage a value creation process to allow you to maximize your value capture.


We have extensive buy side experience and understand how buyers create value. Why not capture more of the value of your business yourself and smooth the eventual transaction process at the same time? Implementing systems, identifying new revenue opportunities, and gaining a better understanding of historical revenues and your sales pipelines to substantiate forecasts enhances valuations and smooths the transaction process. We can also assist you with succession plans and strategies for retaining key talent, as well as helping you develop strategies to maximize value by ensuring appropriate contracts are in place with key customers and suppliers.


Closing these gaps ahead of time helps you prove the post-sale value and sustainability of your company and capture more value for you and your shareholders. We help you develop and support projections, with a particular focus on your ability to achieve revenues and profitability based upon year to date actuals, contracted business, your sales pipeline and prospects. We will prepare you and your management team for the sales process, allowing you to maximize exit value while minimizing disruptions to your business. We help you and your management team develop and articulate your story and present a compelling investment thesis to potential buyers.

We work with energy & industrial companies, their owners and investors to help:

  • Buy and sell companies and raise capital
  • Perform due diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Prepare owners and management teams for a sale process
  • Improve and execute strategy

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