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From complementary bolt-on acquisitions, to major step-change acquisitions, to identifying potential acquirers, we are experts at identifying and screening potential acquisition targets. We work closely with private equity and management teams to develop and define acquisition criteria. Through our proprietary methodology we can identify and evaluate the attractiveness of a large number of potential targets to provide you with a list of acquisition candidates. As necessary, we can provide information on the potential actionability of identified companies, provide introductions and support your potential acquisition though our due diligence capabilities

Bolt-on Acquisitions

Whether you are a private equity firm trying to expand a platform business or a company looking to expand your offering across product or service lines, technologies, or geographic foot prints we can help you identify bolt on acquisitions that fit with your company and growths plans. Our target identification capabilities will allow you to identify bolt-ons poised for growth that fit with your strategic plans and maximize your eventual exit value.

Major Acquisitions

Whatever your acquisition strategy, identifying proprietary off market acquisition candidates allows you to create value well beyond process driven acquisitions. We work with you to understand which industry verticals you are interested in, the financial characteristics of potential targets, key geographies, and your strategic goals. Our proprietary company identification process coupled with our extensive company databases and deep understanding of the energy and industrial space allows you to identify actionable acquisition targets before they are brought to market.

Potential Sellers

As a potential seller of a business, gaining a better understanding of likely acquirers allows you to understand the market’s appetite for your business, potential valuations and the type and breadth of potential acquirers. We can identify prospective acquirers and discreetly gauge interest allowing you to make a better decision on when and how to sell your business to maximize your exit value.

Our Methodology

We work with you to understand your targeted industries, target company financial metrics, and other investment criteria. We query our extensive internal databases of companies and employ a proven search methodology to assess a wide range of potential targets. Through conversations with SMEs and key industry players we identify and vet the key companies in your targeted industry verticals. Our understanding of the M&A process allows us to identify companies that fit your criteria and understand their actionability to enable you to increase your proprietary deal flow.

We work with companies and investors across the energy and industrial sectors to help them

  • Improve and execute strategy
  • Perform diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Prepare businesses for a sale process
  • Better understand their customer bases

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