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What We Do

Our experienced M&A professionals help companies, business owners, and institutional investors buy, sell and raise funding for energy and industrial sector companies.

We also help you make strategic decisions and undertake due diligence on acquisition targets. We apply the same rigor and methodology to each engagement.

The foundation of our approach is built upon:

  • Deep industry expertise and investor connectivity
  • A strategic and analytical approach
  • Commitment to objectivity and independence
  • A profound understanding of the M&A process

About EIAP

Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners (EIAP) was founded to provide companies and investors across the energy and industrial markets with investment banking, M&A advisory services, and strategic consulting from seasoned consultants with significant industry experience. Our team and our subject matter experts have worked in the industries we cover and have maintained that focus during our consulting careers.
We don’t take on engagements outside our core verticals. This specialism enables us to provide proprietary insights into the perspectives of investors, customers, suppliers and competitors. Our collective experience amounts to hundreds of transactions and strategic engagements alongside some of the world’s most sophisticated investors and companies.
We understand your products, services and the markets you operate in which allows us to ask the right questions and continue the conversation in a way generalist firms can’t. Our large network of subject matter experts and our collective industry connectivity gives us access to the key decision makers relevant to your business.
Every project is bespoke and tailored to your business or investment needs. We quickly identify and understand the issues facing your business and develop the solutions you need to successfully present your business to potential investors, grow revenue and profitability and help you meet your other strategic goals. We understand that insight not only comes from the C-Suite but also the shop floor, and we’re just as comfortable in the field as we are in the board room.

Who We Are

EIAP is a boutique investment banking and advisory firm that utilizes its deep industry experience and rigorous analytical methodology to help business leaders and investors develop the insights they require to make more informed, data driven decisions that provide practical results, improve performance and enhance shareholder returns.
Our advisory professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, yet each brings specific and unique skill sets to the organization. We value information derived from objective analysis, rather than a subjective point of view.
We are proud to work for some of the world’s leading corporations and institutional investors. We want to work with the best, so we continuously challenge ourselves to deliver the best.
Who We Are

Sector Specialist Investment Banking, M&A, Strategy and Economic Consultants

Welcome message from the founders

Who We Are
We firmly believe that the insights we provide to our customers are more important than ever during challenging times. In today’s environment a deep understanding of market and industry trends and an actionable strategic vision is a requirement not only to thrive but to survive.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals under every circumstance.
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