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Economic impact studies examine and highlight how local areas and the broader economy react to actual and potential changes in public policies, new investments or reduced industry activity. These studies are powerful tools to communicate with regulators, legislative bodies, other government entities, media, and the public. Whether you are an industry body trying to help stakeholders better understand the impact of a potential regulatory change or a company investing in a new project, manufacturing facility, or plant; our economic impact studies equip you with information you need to clearly communicate the economic implications of the issue at hand.

Our Process

We develop robust defensible models to clearly and concisely calculate the quantitative impacts of public policy and industry spending in accessible metrics like employment, gross domestic product and government revenues. Our economic impact reports demonstrate the economic impacts of an industry, a change in regulations, or a particular project to a country, region, or local area. These impacts are communicated in clear concise reports which enable communication with stakeholders and provide a deep understanding of the potential economic impacts of policy and investment decisions.


We have significant experience analyzing complex government regulations and providing robust quantitative explanations of their potential economic impacts. Our experience ranges from analyzing potential changes to the Jones Act, examining proposed changes to the Well Control Rule, to quantifying the potential impacts of opening new areas to energy production.


Whether it’s the development of a new offshore oil and gas project, wind farm, or pipeline, or the construction of a new industrial complex. Our understanding of project spending patterns, timelines, and energy and industrial supply chains allows us to develop economic forecasts to quantify both near- and long-term impacts of proposed projects. This analysis can be used to communicate to projects stakeholders including regulatory bodies, local governments, the media and the public in easy to understand terms.

Our Methodology

We have the internal expertise and subject matter experts to understand complex regulatory changes, a deep understanding of industry spending trends, and the expertise to develop robust forecasts demonstrating how regulatory changes and spending impact local, state, and national economies. We develop transparent, defensible forecasts using widely accepted modeling tools and present our findings in easy to understand reports with a clearly explained methodology. We are experienced in defending our findings before the media and government bodies, including testifying before congressional committees, regulators, and executive branch agencies.

We work with energy & industrial companies, their owners and investors to help:

  • Buy and sell companies and raise capital
  • Perform due diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Prepare owners and management teams for a sale process
  • Improve and execute strategy

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