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Buy-Side Due DiligenceLEARN MORE

  • Test operations and strategy
  • Customer diligence
  • Technology assessments​
  • Business plan reviews
  • Synergy valuations​
  • Strategy / 100 day planning
  • In-depth industry knowledge​
  • Understanding of competitive​ dynamics ​ 

Sell Side Due DiligenceLEARN MORE

  • Develop a compelling investment thesis
  • Prepare defensible forecasts which stand up to diligence
  • Data-based forecasts for products and services with minimal visibility
  • Uncover and fix potential valuation-reducing problems
  • Understand competitive dynamics and value propositions through VOC exercises
  • Validate business plans, top-line revenues and operational margins
  • Comprehensive reports that provide confidence to buyers and lenders

Exit PreparationLEARN MORE

  • Identify potential value reducing issues
  • Identify potential value enhancing opportunities
  • VOC exercises to provide customer led insights
  • Identify key objectives and develop an exit preparation plan (EPP)
  • Support robust forecasting that stands up to diligence
  • Identify and correct issues that will be scrutinized during the due diligence process
  • Implement and manage a value creation process to maximize your value capture
  • Support implementation and stay on course towards a successful transition

Acquisition Target IdentificationLEARN MORE

  • Identify potential acquisition targets
  • Screen targets against investment criteria
  • Understand actionability
  • Bolt-ons and platform acquisitions
  • Identify potential acquirers
  • Proprietary identification and evaluation methodology
  • Industry expertise, large SME network, and access to industry sources
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